You’re Going To Be A Grandma!

I must confess that when I first heard the news that I was going to be a grandma I was a bit apprehensive. It had been a while since I had cared for a baby. I wasn’t sure if I was grandma material. I have great difficulty just keeping up with my car keys, and I never met a mall I didn’t like.
Also I have an excuse. I am one of those artsy types, the kind who lives in la la land. Before serving in full time ministry I was a dancer and a choreographer.

That surprises people sometimes wondering how I could go from being a dancer to a bible teacher. I guess that’s what can happen after wearing leotards and working with children and teenagers for 25 years. I became so desperate that I begged God-PLEASE never make me do that again-and I promise -I’ll do most anything. Now I choreograph messages for God!

And the leotards…they are gone!

I am also a comedian. Comedians are born-that’s not bragging that’s a fact. We see the funny side to most things.
So in essences I am bible teacher- with rhythm- who laughs a lot! So I wasn’t sure that I was grandma material.

However after months of waiting I was ready to give it a try.

The day Maddie was born was beautiful everything for her arrival was perfect. Her parents were such godly people who had done everything to prepare for parenthood.

They had walked in faith all of their lives, now they were reaping the blessings.

During the long hours of labor I had been with the “parents to be” but just before it was time for Maddie to make her début, the nurse sent the extended family to the waiting room, which was good-I had given birth once-only once-and once was enough.

I am not good when people are in pain-I call 911 and God-but that’s as far as my expertise goes.
The wait seemed endless, but finally as we stood outside the door we heard her cry. She was here and she was loud. At least we had something in common.

When it was my turn to hold and meet Madison Patrice Sherman, I was a bit frightened by this tiny seven pounder, but it was soon replaced with love.

I held in my hands a holy gift from God. She was fearfully and wonderfully made and she was ours!

This precious new life created in His image was pure, holy and innocence, untouched by sin, oblivious to worldly philosophies, heartache, unaffected by media and peers.

As I looked at her, I believe I saw what God sees when He created each of us…potential He knows exactly the plans that He has for us if only we would seek Him.

I felt His presence there that night. It seemed that He was looking over our shoulder, entrusting Madison’s family with His new girl. It was a divine calling and it is the same for all who have the honor of leading a child. We were chosen by Him, to love and teach Madison in the way that she should go.

I wondered how hard it must be for the heavenly father to hand over His new creations to us, especially knowing us like He does.

I wondered if I knew what God knew… if I could do that. I am so thankful that knowing what he does about me He would allow me to a grandma.

I realized at that moment what a privileged and high calling it is to be a grandparent. God chose me to be Madison’s grandma, inadequate in many ways, yet there was one thing that I could do. I would teach and demonstrate for her how to love the Lord with all of her heart, soul, and strength, and about his everlasting love.

I realize that’s part of my responsibility-because I am the grandma. My relationship with the Heavenly Father-makes me grandma material, so I will celebrate this new season in my life.

I can’t tell you how much I love these baby days with her now. However I long for the day when I can tell her- Madison, honey, go find grandma’s car keys-we need to go to the mall.

Madison Patrice Sherman was born September 15th 2005

Weight 7 Pounds 4 Ounces. 21 and one half inches

Update-On Jan, 30th 2008 Campbell Anderson Sherman was born. Weight 7 Pounds 3 Ounces 21 inches. Again I had the joy of being there at my second grandaughter’s birth. Oh my, I think I am getting good at being a grandma after all. It’s not one bit over rated.