How To Present a Great Mother Daughter Banquet

Are you in charge of your mother daughter banquet this year? Are you holding your head thinking, “what in the world are we going to do”? Below are a few ideas that will hopefully help you to present a wonderful event.

Define and understand your purpose . . .

To create a memory that celebrates the precious relationship between a mother and daughter.
Keep it upbeat and fun!

In addition to planning for an inspirational message be sure to include something fun. Sharing laughter is an important part of your event.

For Example . . . An idea which has enjoyed lots of success is a Unique Designer Original Fashion Show. The models create their own fashions — using clever play on words.

A Double Breasted suit! Okay, how do I explain this one? The model wears two bras . . . one, of course, in the front (where it belongs) and the other one just below it. Use an extra large suit jacket and stuff the bra. An older lady make a great model and it will bring down the house!

A Slip over sweater! Model wears a slip – over a sweater!

A pin striped suit! Model wears a man’s suit with ink pens and safety pins all over the suit.

Of course there’s . . .The tea dress! The model pins tea bags on a sundress and wears, an old straw hat with tea bags glued all over it, plus teabag earrings!

The Fashion Show is just plain fun, doesn’t cost a dime, and doesn’t require a great deal of time and energy – just imagination! You can be confident that both mother and daughter will get a big kick out of this. Limit outfits, no more than eight and use models of different ages. Keep this top secret! Only the models should know about this.

The Menu

For most church functions grill chicken, green beams and Mac and cheese are excellent. But when it comes to your Mother~Daughter Banquet be creative!

Mothers aren’t very picky about the menu as long as it tastes good. They enjoy it because they didn’t have to prepare it and the opportunity to share sweet fellowship.

However, children are different. They can be picky and don’t mind saying so! Since they are such an important part of the event, try to serve foods they prefer.

Hopefully both mothers and daughters will enjoy this menu.

  • Fried chicken fingers with honey mustard and barbecue sauce
  • Ham and cheese croissant sandwiches – also offer plain croissants with butter
  • Potato salad and chips
  • Pound cake, both plain and chocolate – various homemade cookies
  • Iced tea, lemonade, coffee

Call 1-800 Catering!

If you do not have someone in your church who cooks for church events have your meal catered. To save time have the meal served. Buffet lines take more time and mothers of young children must help them. Many churches enlist the help of the men’s club or fathers to serve and clean up. This seems to work well!

On behalf of all speakers may I recommend that you give this next suggestion prayerful consideration?

If you allow children under age four to attend the banquet provide a nursery during the speakers message. This works wonderful!
At this age little ones have a difficult time sitting still, and listening to a speaker. Besides mom shouldn’t have to be concerned that her little one might disturb others. Right before the speaker is introduced plan to have the younger children escorted to the nursery. (Recommend the nursery for ages 2 – 5) Use the term playroom instead of nursery and the children get more excited.

An idea to keep the younger ones busy during this time is to let them make Mother’s Day cards. Supply construction paper, stickers and crayons – nothing messy. Perhaps you have several fathers who would be willing to provide this service. Also remember to ask the speaker to limit her message to 40 minutes so the fathers won’t be over loaded.

Decorations for a Luncheon

For a fun theme – decorate the tables with red and white checked tablecloths, yellow napkins, cups and paper plates. For the centerpieces place fresh yellow flowers and daisies in a Mason jar. Tie a red ribbon around the jar.


I personally like nametags because I can remember someone’s name if I’ve read it! Instead of the traditional nametag try this. Have different nametags, one for mothers and one for daughters. On the mother’s write: I am the proud mother of _____________. Leave space for mothers who have several daughters to include their names. On the daughter’s nametag write: I am the proud daughter of ______ and let her write in her mother’s name. To coordinate with table décor use yellow paper and red markers for writing.

Decorations for a more Formal Banquet: Theme – A Gift From God.
White linen tablecloths, pastel pink napkins -pink paper place mats-Coated paper plates with a lovely pastel background If it’s Paper and the Party Plus stores are a great place to find all your paper needs.

Center piece- wrap medium size gift boxes in beautiful and various pastel pink papers.

[Pink and white Pokka dots, pink and white stripe, Look in the baby department for unusual pretty wrapping papers. Put a huge bow on the top of the package.

Name tags-Plain white with a pink ribbon or small bow attached.
Name tag-for daughter: My mother ________ is a gift from God.
Name tag for mother: My daughter ________ is a from God.

Table Talk

To get the event off to an upbeat start and while the guests are waiting to be served here’s an idea for good dinner conversation. Ask one mother to serve as hostess for her table. Give her a note card with the following information on it: Ask each person at your table to share two things they especially love about their mother or daughter.

Door Prizes

Door prizes have gotten a bit out of control. Recently, I spoke at a banquet with over 35 door prizes! Passing out the door prizes took longer than my message! Several children who didn’t win became upset. On this issue stick with tradition! Present something special to the mom with the most children, the mom who traveled the longest distance, the oldest and youngest mom.

The Extras

Many churches have a photographer come and photograph each mother and daughter as a gift for the family. The photographer will need to be set up outside or away from the banquet room. I hope some of these ideas will help you have a successful mother/daughter banquet.