Guildelines For Successful Women’s Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Studies

Women’s Bible studies are essential to a thriving Women’s Ministry. Women need a safe place to ask questions, share experiences, connect with others, and grow closer to God. A successful Bible study develops spiritual maturity in a non-threatening environment, strengthens relationships, and improves harmony within the body of the church. Whatever the size and needs of your church, the following steps will be helpful in either starting or growing Bible studies:

The first step is to begin with prayer. Invite several spiritually mature women to pray specifically for God to bring teachable hearts, qualified leaders, and life- changing study materials. Have your women’s ministry team (or your group) prayerful make decisions and share the load. Clearly outline and communicate the tasks that lie ahead, and delegate responsibilities.

Recognize the needs of the women in your church. In order to plan an effective Bible study or studies, you first need to ask some questions about the women of your church. If your church is large try to do a survey to gain valuable information about their interests, needs, and availability. Information is POWER. Do the women have a basic background and sound doctrine of God’s Word? Is there a particular area you see the women current struggling in? (fear-culture matters-spiritual maturity.)

Choose materials wisely. Not every study is right for the women of your church. A review team can narrow the options and make recommendations. It may be necessary to offer more than one study due to the various needs of different ages, schedules, and maturity levels. New believers will have a difficult time with in-depth studies and mature believers who have a rich knowledge of Scripture will desire more in-depth material.

Many of today studies are available on DVD and are presented by well-known authors and bible teachers. We are extremely blessed to have such wonderful studies available and are accompanied with student workbooks. Sometimes it is best to take a break from the DVD driven studies and allow some of the women in your church who are gifted to teach. This provides a more personal and interactive class. Most bibles studies offer teacher guides along with the student lesson. Should your church have a large population of mothers you might want to do a study specifically for them. It would be best to select a leader who has experience and cares deeply for young women.

Select your leaders and facilitators after much prayer. By having studies available on DVD this makes it easier for today’s busy women.

Get the word out. Our biggest challenge is time. Women are extremely busy today. Let them know in plenty of time about the study. Keep the women and staff of your church informed and interested. Use testimonies at an event to promote upcoming studies, or during Sunday school classes, and small groups. Create flyers, posters, mail-outs, in church newsletters, post or your website, E-Blast, Face Book postings and tweets . Also anywhere you can get the word out in your community, please do. You never know when someone has recently moved into the area, or someone is looking for a Bible study from another church.

Teaching is a spiritual gift. Please don’t delegate a Bible study class to someone just to fill a time slot. Your teacher should know God’s Word-Love God’s Word, and have a desire to Teach God’s Word.

Set The Standard. CLEARLY communicate your expectations to your teachers or facilitators. When possible provide a training class or go out for a meal, before the study begins. Equip your leaders on how to lead a discussion group. This really doesn’t take but one time and it can be so much fun.

Extras. Mothers can only come to your studies if their young children are taken care of. Some churches are fortunate to have volunteers who are willing to watch the children; other churches provide paid childcare workers. Discuss with your pastor ways to work together, calling on their expertise in this area.

God’s word tells us to “commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:3). Pray hard, plan well, and let the Lord direct your steps.

Suggested Bible Study Guidelines

  1. Begin on time – Start with welcome praise reports and prayer request. I always start with something funny.
  2. If you are using a DVD make sure and have it ready to play.
  3. After the DVD, break-out into small groups or discuss the teaching points before dismissing class. Students may have misunderstood something or need to share something. Should you not know the answer tell them that you will-do some research, or talk with the pastor and get back with them next week. (Remember there are some things that we will never know or we will never understand in God’s words)
  4. Care about your class. You have been carefully chosen by God to nurture and fed them His word. Some of the best friends you will ever make could possibly come from Bible study-so help your church to excel in this ministry.

Recommend Studies

Beth Moore is a marvelous teacher and all of her studies are on DVD-they are in-depth and I think are more for those who are spiritually mature. Go to or Living Proof ministries to find out more about Beth’s ministries.

Liz Curtis Higgs has wonderful studies that are also on DVD -Bad girls of the Bible-and Loved by God. She is a remarkable woman and a remarkable writer. You can visit her web site to find out more about her studies. Her studies also include a student workbook.

A Woman’s High Calling 10 Essentials for Godly Living Elizabeth George – if your church would like to put a mentoring program in place this is the book to use! Elizabeth uses the scripture from Titus 2 to guide today’s women to accept their sacred calling by reaching out to the next generation.

Anne Graham Lotz The Magnificent Obsession
Joyce Meyer Battlefield Of The Mind
Pricilla Shier Resolution for Women
Carol Kent-When I Lay My Isaac Down
Insights on Esther Poppy Smith