“An Unlikely Friendship” From Frankie’s Bible Study “Why We Need Girlfriends”

Week Four
“I’ll Never Forget When…”

Week 4 Day 1

Scripture reading Luke 1-30-45

When I began writing today’s lesson, I paused and asked God to give me a more intimate understanding of today’s scripture. I sensed He wanted us to relate to Elizabeth and Mary as women.

With the Heavenly Father’s permission and under the power of the Holy Spirit, I have blended my imagination with Scripture.

Being familiar with this passage of scripture you will know where Scripture ends and my imagination begins.

It is my prayer that you can visualize the following:

It is almost evening, the end of another day as Elizabeth reflects over all that has happened in the last six months. Now heavy with child and barely able to see her toes she smiles. “I am probably the only expectant mother who feels her time is passing too quickly.”

Pregnancy certainly agreed with her. Her body adjusted to the changes, she welcomed each of them. From the time, she was a young girl she had dreamed of being a mother. This was her moment; her calling and she would not trade it for anything.

During these months of seclusion, God had revealed himself in ways that amazed her. It was both holy and miraculous.

Her household was so quiet. The only way Zechariah could communicate was to scribble a note to her, and who could read his writing… barely legible.

Still when he penned the intimate details of the angel’s visit, she could not get enough. She carefully engraved every word upon her heart so someday she could share this with their son.

Most of all she missed the sound of her beloveds voice, no one said her name quite the way he did, and his laugh so rich and deep. She knew his silence served as a reminder that Jehovah God was the one true God and He was on the move again.

To think she and Zechariah would be the parents of a prophet still amazed them.

What’s a little loneliness and seclusion compared to that? Her religious background had taught her that some times God requires sacrifice.

Today her heart ached for feminine companionship and conversation. How nice it would be to share her experience with another woman, but whom?

Who could possibly understand the wonder of her miraculous pregnancy? Who could possibly understand the joy she experienced knowing that before the foundations of the earth were created, God had chosen her to be the mother of the front-runner for the Messiah.

In her village, she was known as Elizabeth “the barren one” and had never been part of the secrets expectant mothers shared. She had no experience in childbirth, but she knew God would work things out.

She had fully accepted, should no other woman share this journey with her, the Heavenly Father had blessed her beyond measure, and isolation was a small price to pay for the honor bestowed upon her.

Elizabeth had grown so accustomed to the silence in her home that the knock at the door startled her.

Slowly as she stood to get her balance, Zechariah opened the door. Standing in the threshold was a young girl very timid and so small. She looked familiar, but Elizabeth could not recall who she was.

At first, the young girl said nothing but stared at Elizabeth’s swollen belly obvious with child. Suddenly tears spilled from her eyes as she spoke.

Greetings – Zechariah, greetings Elizabeth it is Mary your relative daughter of Henli.

When Elisabeth heard Mary’s greeting, some thing happened. The baby in her womb leaped and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was unlike anything, she had experienced during her pregnancy.

Reaching toward the young woman she spoke in a loud voice, -blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear. However, why am I so favored that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

Embracing Mary with all the tenderness of a wise and experienced woman, she continued to pour out a blessing on the mother of God’s son.

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said unto her will be accomplished.

With those words, all fear vanished from the young virgin. What the angel had said was true. Elizabeth was pregnant. Gazing upon her face, Mary thought, she is the most beautiful “mother to be’ I’ve ever seen, radiant glowing and overflowing with joy.

The two women held each other more tightly realizing they had experienced the manifestations of God’s love. All a long he knew their need for feminine companionship and intimacy and He had provided.

So overcome with emotion that neither could speak. They simply bowed before their God, giving Him praise and gratitude realizing in the midst of their calling He had given them the perfect companion – He gave them each other.

I doubt Mary ever forgot the warm embrace of Elizabeth’s arms and her powerful words of encouragement.

Often times we do forget! Over time, we forget the special people who helped us during an extremely difficult time. Perhaps it was someone who took time to stop by for a visit, called you on the phone or sent cards that said the perfect words.

God Stop
I’ll Never Forget When…

Today during our God Stop, I would like you to take a moment and remember some people that you should never forget. Those special people who provided strength and encouragement when you needed it the most.

Perhaps it was a family member, a schoolteacher, a best friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker, or a church member.

Please write their names and what they did to encourage you.

_________________________ ________________________

_________________________ ________________________

_________________________ ________________________

Pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for placing them in your life at a time when you needed someone to help bare your burdens.

Memory Verse
Blessed is she for she has believed that what was said unto her will be accomplished
Luke 1:45