What Others Say About The Confident Woman

“If you are looking for a powerful resource that will jump-start your confidence in who you are in Christ, I highly recommend Frankie Sherman’s new book: “The Confident Woman: Who The I AM Says I Am.” You will discover faith-building truth in each devotional study that will transform your life.”

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
Becoming a Woman of Influence (Nav-Press)

“Frankie Sherman’s new book, The Confident Woman, is a must read. She captures the essence of what God is telling us, through His Word. She highlights the attributes of holiness and makes us want to be the woman God created us to be. The world continually tries to define us and push us into its mold, but books like Sherman’s help close the gap between society’s expectations and God’s holy plan. Take time to inhale each devotion with the Holy Spirit’s help. You will be blessed.”

Rev. Jan McCray, Author, Speaker

“Inspiring, instructional, and insightful, Who The I AM Says I Am is a “must read” for any woman who desires more confidence. Frankie Sherman effectively uses scripture, Bible truths, and everyday examples to define the essence of who God says we are. I highly recommend this profound yet simple 31-day devotional as a perfect addition to your arsenal in the fight against feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority. Thank you, Frankie, for reminding us who the I AM says we are.”

Donna Lott Speaker and Author of the Unseen Hand

“The Confident Woman: Who The I AM says I Am provides daily ammunition to fight against the hurts and disappointments of life. Each devotion is like a building block in a fortress of faith, making the reader more secure about who she is in Christ. As she reads the truth about who the I AM says she is, she will be encouraged in whatever challenges come her way.”

Sandy MacMillan Director of Take Heart Women’s Ministry

“It is a good thing to have self-confidence, but it is a far better to have God-confidence, and that’s what you’ll gain by going through this study. Frankie’s daily devotionals make it easy and enjoyable to grow into a healthier self-perception with God at the core. In doing so, you’ll be profoundly changed.”

Marnie Swedberg
Leadership, Mentor, Christian Speaker, Author

“Women need regular encouragement about who they are in Christ, how much God loves them. This devotional will help women absorb God’s truth, be reminded of her standing, and be strengthened to fight an enemy who would have her believe lies and fall into emotional traps. Frankie has provided daily devotionals that touch on common struggles, and presented them in a loving, encouraging way so that they can be read and re-read as one receiving a “let me put my arm around you” uplift in the midst of stressful lives that can rob us from seeing the I AM every day.”

Beth Beutler Author of Time Management, Jesus’ Way and co-author of Organizing From The Heart: Change Your Mindset, Conquer Your Challenges

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