The Confident WomanThe Confident Woman of God

Few things are more beautiful on a woman than godly confidence.

Women who wear godly confidence radiate courage and conviction that contribute more to  their looks than designer clothing or perfect accessories.

A confident woman knows who she is in Christ, for she is defined by Him and not by the changing culture of the post-modern world. Her secret? She knows who she is and to whom she belongs.

She seeks to live out her purpose—on purpose—utilizing her gifts, talents, and strengths. She knows God has created in advance good works only she can contribute to her world. She is exactly where God has assigned her. This gives her significance, confidence, and joy.

She isn’t preoccupied with current trends or styles, but image, His image. Realizing she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, she desires that every word and every action reflect His image. Since He has chosen her heart for His dwelling place, she believes
nothing could be greater.

Her confidence is not in herself, but in the God who created her. Since He says she is loved, cherished, adored, chosen, free, gifted, forgiven, and beautiful, she has much to be confident about. Therefore, she enjoys the abundant life His salvation provides.

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This video produced by the Dove Foundation rocked my soul. My prayer is that it will have the same impact on you.

After watching the video-I felt God speaking to me, not only about myself, but to all of us. Take my daughters beyond the visual, beyond the description of themselves, or even a stranger. Help them to see and KNOW Me and how I see and define her. That she is fearfully and wonderfully made in My image. And that I- her King am enthralled with her beauty. When I see her, I see potential for greatness, for, she has my DNA in her.

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Why We Need GirlfriendsWhy We Need Girlfriends

There’s a real hunger for meaningful friendship in this hurry-up-see-you-later world. Friendship adds depth, richness, and meaning to life. God understands that, because friendship is His idea. If there were any doubt, one would only need to look at the lives of
Mary and Elizabeth. Two incredible women brought together by their circumstances – both were carrying a miracle child that would impact the future of the world – both needed someone to share the experience with and God provided. He gave them each other.

The seven-week study provides:

  • Guided Scripture Reading
  • Daily Devotional (4 days per week)
  • Commentary by Frankie – with personal stories
  • Questions for Reflections and Group Discussion

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