Pray With Me

As a Bible teacher who travels and shares the Word with women I am in need of prayer. I never want to stand before any group without being covered in the prayers of righteous people.

Not only does God’s word teach us the importance of prayer, but Jesus provides one of the most riveting examples.

Christ tells his three closet friends to pray with him  my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death”. Stay here and keep watch”. Jesus shared his heartache and simply asked them to pray. The Son of God, knew the power of prayer. He knew that Prayer doesn’t change God-it changes us.

 He knew that prayer (communicating with God) was the only thing would sustain them.

Luke’s version paints the agony of Christ prayer with wails of grief and sweat drops of blood. It also shows the mercy of God, that when others abandon us God doesn’t. He sent angels to minister to Him and I believe He will do that for you.

This tender and powerful picture of God’s angels ministering to God’s son, show us God’s unfailing love. Should you feel abandoned by family and friends, be assured that your loving God will never leave you nor forsake you.

 Did they hold him? Did they sing a Psalm? Did they encourage Him? Certainly, these are thoughts to ponder.

I have personally experienced the power of prayer. I was deathly sick and could not pray for myself. However, my sisters in Christ interceded for me. Clothed in the armor of God with swords drawn and shields of faith held high, they brought my name before the throne of God, praying fervently without ceasing. Words fail to express my gratitude. I received a miraculous healing.

If someone in your life is going through a difficult circumstance? Pray for her without ceasing. Allow her to lean on you as you lean on God.

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