Confident in Your Salivation

When you became a believer in Christ Jesus, everything changed.

You received a blood-bought right to confidently expect that your past is forgiven, and your future is planned. God spared nothing, not even His beloved Son Jesus, to secure your salvation and freedom. It is His delight to bless you abundantly, and help you experience His goodness.
What Jesus did on the cross allows you to be whole, free, confident, blessed, anointed, and forgiven.
God is not angry with you, despite your failures today, or the sins of your past. Instead, He has a glorious future for you that will continue throughout eternity. This is the grace of God. It is freely given, and none of us deserve it. It is His gift, and our choice to receive it.

Because of God’s amazing gift of grace, I pray that you will walk unhindered in the fullness of His divine favor and goodness. And that you sweet reader will experience the abundant life that a relationship with Him provides. Not because of what you did, or didn’t do, but because of what Christ did.

As the Scripture says: Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. Jeremiah 17:7.

Therefore, may we not put our confidence in ourselves, but in the One who is far above and greater than anything we can imagine.


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